Author: Theodore

  • Changing Android SwitchCompat colors programmatically in Java (at Runtime)

    In my Daily Wallpaper app, recently ported to Android, I wanted to use the Palette API to customize the colors of the UI depending on the day’s image. Instead of hard-coding one particular set of colors for my theme, which have the potential to conflict with whatever photo we receive from Bing that day, we […]

  • Porting a (relatively simple) BlackBerry Cascades app to Android with Qt – Part 1

    I’ve been using this BlackBerry KeyOne android device since it was released in 2017. Before that I had tried the Priv (also android) for a few months but eventually went back to my older BB10 devices like the Classic and Passport. Now, it’s 2019. BlackBerry 10 is soon to be extinct, and I think it’s […]

  • BAR files now available for download

    BlackBerry World is officially shutting down on December 31st, 2019. That’s only a few days away! It’s sad to see the platform lose more and more functionality. Personally I’ve moved on to the new BlackBerry Android devices, currently using a KeyOne. If you’re still on BB10, it will be a little more tedious to install […]

  • Cinnamon Swirl Scones

    When I was in high school I spent my summers in the northern part of Michigan. There was a coffee stand set up in the town plaza which also served some pastries, my favorite of which were the cinnamon scones. Along with my caffeinated beverage I ate one of those scones as a snack nearly every […]

  • Using Segment Analytics in your Java Servlet

    Lately I’ve been working on a project using Apache Tomcat to serve a REST API, which is used by our client iOS application to interact with our back-end. Now that the app is available publicly, we want to gather data about how people use our service in order to analyze trends and make improvements to our product. […]